Spring 2022 Islamic Studies Courses (Onsite NYC)


This bundle includes two Islamic Studies Courses:

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 About the Courses

  COURSE 1  

Of Light and Fire: Angels and Jinn

Taught by Ust. Zakir Choudury
3 Credits
Every Sunday at 10 AM ET

Why You Should Take this Course

They are there, though you do not see them. Learn about the Angels, how to maximize their presence around you, and how to make them befriend and
love you.
The protection is better than the cure. Empower yourself with the knowledge of the Jinn and how to avoid, protect, and cure the harm that some Jinn cause you.
Learn how to identify the signs and symptoms of black magic and protect yourself. Knowing is half the battle!
  COURSE 2  

Clean Deen: Fiqh of Purification

Taught by Sh. Zakareeya Baksh
4 Credits
Every Sunday at 11:30 AM ET

Why You Should Take this Course

You will understand how to purify yourself properly and feel confident about it.
You will know how to deal with different fiqh opinions concerning purification.
You will understand the principles of purification to apply them to new situations.

 Why FKAD Institute?


FKAD courses are also accessible online by live stream students via desktop and mobile devices.


Each class is delivered in an interactive way, enriching the learning experience.


Our support team is here to ensure that things run smoothly. You’ll always find the help you need within 24 hours.


Its inspiring educators provide engaging presentations catered to the American-Muslim dynamics through FKAD Institute's innovative techniques.


A delicious breakfast to energize your day is provided for onsite students.


Take notes, review, keep the tangible knowledge with you. Books are included for onsite students.

*Live stream students have access to downloadable PDF files. Physical books can be purchased separately.

 What's included?

  • Two Courses:
    • Of Light and Fire: Angels and Jinn
    • Clean Deen: Fiqh of Purification
  • 26 interactive classes
  • Inspiring educators
  • Books for onsite students
  • Downloadable PDF files for live stream students
  • Quick technical support

Live-stream students access via desktop, laptop, and mobile devices

These courses will be easily accessed via desktop, laptop and mobile devices. To maximize your experience, a desktop or laptop computer is highly recommended. Stable internet is required.

Classes are held onsite and live-streamed on Sundays

Of Light and Fire classes are held onsite and live-streamed on 10 AM ET, followed by Clean Deen classes at 11:30 AM ET.

Spring 2022 Islamic Studies Bundle (Onsite)

Of Light and Fire and Clean Deen courses
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Ustadh Zakir Choudhury

Ustadh Zakir Choudhury was born and raised in New York City, and currently resides in Queens, New York. He graduated from St. John’s University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Science, majoring and graduating as a Physician Assistant.

He began his formal Islamic studies at FKAD Institute in 2010 with the launch of the Associate’s Degree Program in Arabic and Islamic Studies. After 5 years of continuous study, Ustadh Zakir graduated the ADP program with high honors.

Currently, he is a lead instructor for ADP, where he specializes in Aqeedah and Quranic Studies as well as a curriculum developer for FKAD’s Beginners Arabic Program, and a lecturer at Jesus, Son of Mary Mosque.
Ustadh Zakir also currently practices as a Primary Care Physician Assistant

Shaykh Zakareeya Baksh

Sh. Zakareeya loves to augment his courses with new research. Well-versed in classical literature and having memorized the Quran, he brings the heritage of Islam to students in the modern context.

Sh. Zakareeya loves to connect with his students while teaching and creates an interactive experience during his sessions.

He has graduated from the International Open University with Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Islamic Studies.

He currently serves as the Islamic Studies and Arabic Instructor at The Wellspring Schools and is a regular khateeb at the Jesus, son of Mary Mosque in NYC and Jesus Son of Mary Center in Tampa, FL.

Spring 2022 Islamic Studies Bundle (Onsite)

Of Light and Fire and Clean Deen courses
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